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My name is Alexander or Juster, I am the person behind EyeLeo. This site has been working several days without a blog, but now the blog is open, so I can say some informal words about the project.

What is EyeLeo?

EyeLeo - is a PC application that stays in background and regularly reminds you to take breaks for your eyes and body in general. It has two sorts of breaks: short breaks with simple eye exercises every 5-10 minutes (depending on your preferences) and long breaks blocking the whole screen every hour or so. At long breaks you're supposed to leave your workplace for a few minutes to move body, have a snack, etc.

It was designed to be as user friendly as possible, so if you're having an urgent task you can postpone a long break or skip it completely. If you have an important full-screen application running it won't interrupt it (which annoyed me in other programs), but will carefully warn you. If you leave your workplace for quite a while it's treated as a break. These and others small nuances should make using this software very comfortable and transparent.

Some people say "why would you need a reminder"?

Because it's really easy to forget about time and sometimes even if you feel eye fatigue you carry on looking at a display. Everybody who ever played video games or worked in an office would understand this. Apparently it's not good for your eyes. Even if you don't feel eye strain, you should care and make preventive measures. A few years of intensive work without preventive measures may affect your eye sight.

EyeLeo is in its early stages, it's developing, it's getting better, as well as the website. There is a big list of features waiting to implement, so check for program updates and new posts in the blog every month or so. Soon I'll write why I decided to create EyeLeo and how I choose the name. Another major update is coming in early February.

I would also be happy to hear your opinion or suggestion, you may use feedback form or write at

Remember that a program can't replace a good walk in fresh air.


If you like it, please contribute to the project: tell your friends or collegues, give them a link and consider making a donation. Thank you! I hope you like it!