Blog - Updated after 5 years!

After 5 years I've finally found time to release new update! Now it's version 1.3 and next will be in a few months.

hooray cat

Many bugs were fixed and some changes were made to make the application more comfortable. See changes list:

- Fixed many bugs, improved stability.

- Now when you unlock Windows OS session EyeLeo doesn't go into long break right after that.

- Added countdown popup, it appears before long breaks. It's very convenient, because it helps you prepare for upcoming long break.

- Now you may close notification windows by right mouse button. Handy when you're very busy on with something.

- Added option "Take long break now" to the popup menu.

- Added option "Disable breaks 1 (or 3) hour" to the popup menu.

- Added lot more options in the settings window.

- Added support page.

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