Updated after 5 years!

After 5 years I've finally found time to release new update! Now it's version 1.3 and next will be in a few months.

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Many bugs were fixed and some changes were made to make the application more comfortable. See changes list:

- Fixed many bugs, improved stability.

- Now when you unlock Windows OS session EyeLeo doesn't go into long break right after that.

- Added countdown popup, it appears before long breaks. It's very convenient, because it helps you prepare for upcoming long break.

- Now you may close notification windows by right mouse button. Handy when you're very busy on with something.

- Added option "Take long break now" to the popup menu.

- Added option "Disable breaks 1 (or 3) hour" to the popup menu.

- Added lot more options in the settings window.

- Added support page.

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New update ready

Finally! New update has been released!

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Many bugs were fixed and some changes were made to make the application more comfortable. See changes list. Next release will be ready in shorter period and will have new features.

I'm also thinking about adding parental password protection for strict mode, so I'm asking you: are there parents who install EyeLeo on children's computer?



Update coming soon

Last weeks I got many messages from you. Thanks for all suggestions, bug reports and gratitude, I really appreciate it!

Currently I'm working on a next update for EyeLeo. It will have several handy adjustments and bugfixes, and will be ready soon, in February.

Stay tuned!

Tip: To reduce eye strain use a cat :)

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Welcome to!


My name is Alexander or Juster, I am the person behind EyeLeo. This site has been working several days without a blog, but now the blog is open, so I can say some informal words about the project.

What is EyeLeo?

EyeLeo - is a PC application that stays in background and regularly reminds you to take breaks for your eyes and body in general. It has two sorts of breaks: short breaks with simple eye exercises every 5-10 minutes (depending on your preferences) and long breaks blocking the whole screen every hour or so. At long breaks you're supposed to leave your workplace for a few minutes to move body, have a snack, etc.